Conceptual art

Mural Contest Beaux Dégâts (Montreal 2018) WINNER!

Beaux Dégâts tends to create a parallel with street art and Fine Arts. It puts forward what has been forgotten by many artistic institutions, the reality the artists from the street, the importance of community, sharing, accessibility, the unusual. All mediums are allowed except spray paint. During the night, the public votes for their favourite painting.

For over two hours, our team of four artists called Chicken Lovers (Aaron Davis, Natalia Telentso, Jean-Phillipe, Alexandra Bandean) among other five teams created 8'' by 8'' mural on a theme given the night of the event: corporations that stole from street artists VS tarot cards. Which for us was McDonald and a tarot card of our choice from the list provided - Strength VII. We researched and appropriated visual references to conceptualize the artwork in front of the public and in 20 minutes presented our sketch. Our idea was to create the image like the tarot card but instead of a woman taming a lion we had Ronald McDonald "taming" a chick. Within the rest 1,5h we finished the mural and realized the audience voted for us the most, so we won the competition!