As a multidiciplinary graphic designer, I create brands, print and digital/interactive designs. In my work I combine style, creativity and artistic elements like drawings and illustration. I believe the heartbeat of design is typography. 

Graphic Design and e-learning production for Program Unit Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Canada.

Graphic Design for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Canada.

Editorial design project Annual Report. 

Editorial design project: Brand Manual.

Brochure design (editorial, lettering, infographic) for Folk Camp.

Natalia has a background in Visual Art and 5 years of working experience with different clients including MSF (Doctors Without Borders) Canada as e-learning developer and graphic designer. During her work at MSF, she helped to create and develop the Program Unit as a new pillar at MSF Canada. She produced numerous digital interactive e-learning courses for domestic and international clients, created projects incorporating innovative technology such as augmented reality, worked on digital publication of magazines and created various print and digital designs including logos, layouts, graphics and illustrations. 


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