Being a woman is wonderful!

Being a Ukrainian woman is even better!

I feel the part of why we're singing Ukrainian folk is because we get more reasons to wear these incredible costumes.

When I put on the long embroidery shirt on my naked body I feel like I turn into magical creature... and then it's not anymore me who's singing, it's the entire ancient nation...

Ukrainian holiday dress in the XIX-XX centuries.

Mural Contest Beaux Dégâts (Montreal 2018) WINNER!

Beaux Dégâts tends to create a parallel with street art and Fine Arts. It puts forward what has been forgotten by many artistic institutions, the reality the artists from the street, the importance of community, sharing, accessibility, the unusual. All mediums are allowed except spray paint. During the night, the public votes for their favourite painting.

For over two hours, our team of four artists called Chicken Lovers (Aaron Davis, Natalia Telentso, Jean-Phillipe, Alexandra Bandean) among other five teams created 8'' by 8'' mural on a theme given the night of the event: corporations that stole from street artists VS tarot cards. Which for us was McDonald and a tarot card of our choice from the list provided - Strength VII. We researched and appropriated visual references to conceptualize the artwork in front of the public and in 20 minutes presented our sketch. Our idea was to create the image like the tarot card but instead of a woman taming a lion we had Ronald McDonald "taming" a chick. Within the rest 1,5h we finished the mural and realized the audience voted for us the most, so we won the competition!

Drymba (Дримба) sound and vibration

These are the thoughts about music (sound, vibration) and humans that to me are fascinating!

*Drymba (also known as mouth harp) a small musical instrument consisting of a lyre-shaped metal frame containing a metal tongue,which is plucked while the frame is held in the teeth, the vibrations causing twanging tones
**Molfar is a person with purported magical abilities in Hutsul (peoples of mountain Karpatian reigion in Ukraine) culture. Their abilities focus around herbalism and other folk magic.

Drymba sounds in two voices: first is the one that an audience can hear and the second one is heard only by the one who's playing. Because to play drymba one must push it firmly against their teeth it creates powerful vibration in a body. This effect leads to stopping... what molfars call "routine mind" (and shamans call "inner dialogue").

By the way, drymba's shape is similar to tuning fork, which is used for tuning musical instruments. So maybe, Hutsulian drumba actually is an ancient tuning fork that tunes to inner music of the Spirit?..

Human's language is not perfect only music is. Because it's the language of higher spheres, language of spirits of light. All nature, every plant and every stone has its sound, its music but people don't hear it. Only the lucky one's can hear it. Whoever is able to hear it is the happiest person in the world. There was time when the world had universal language and it will become like that once again when people will have universal language music...


Original text in Ukrainian:

"Дримба звучить на два голоси: один із них чують слухачі, а інший тільки той, хто грає. І оскільки дримбу міцно притискають до зубів, створюється сильна камертонова вібрація в тілі. Цей ефект призводить до повної зупинки того, що старий маг дон Хуан із племені які називає «внутрішнім діалогом», а мольфари повсякденним розумом.
До речі, за формою дримба схожа на камертон інструмент, який використовується для настроювання музичних інструментів. То може, гуцульська дримба і є древній камертон для настроювання на внутрішню музику небес? І з допомогою цього маленького інструмента мольфар входить у такий стан, в якому починає чути «гармонію сфер», що нею створено та впорядковано світ?"

Уривок з книги Громовиці Бердник "Знаки карпатської магії". Автор - донька фантаста Бердника. 

Мова людська недосконала, тихо промовляє Мольфар. Досконала тільки музика, бо то мова верхніх сфер, мова горніх світів і світлих духів. Уся природа, кожна рослина й кожен камінь мають свою музику, лише люди її не чують. Чують окремі щасливці. І хто в змозі відчути й почути її то найщасливіша людина в світі. Був час, коли світ мав єдину мову, й колись знову настане такий час, коли людство матиме єдину мову музику...

Original source

Карпатський мольфар Михайло Нечай розповідає про дримбу.