As a singer, I have a
special love for Ukrainian folk songs. I like to weave them into original compositions and
explore other musical genres and styles.


Growing up performing, she has an embracing and captivating presence on stage, and engages the audience with stories of the folk songs and mesmerizing folk costumes.

Now based in Montreal, Natalia aims to share her cultural heritage with local communities and an international audience. In 2018, she started a Ukrainian folk singing duo, Murmurosi (Мурмуроси), which has performed in Canada and Europe. She has recently collaborated with artists such as Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Burdon Folk Band, Boogat, Orkestar Kriminal, Ichka, Iasonas, and Domaci Trubaci.

Natalia Telentso is an artist expressing herself through music, visual art, and design. Raised in Ukraine, in a musical family, she grew to deeply appreciate its culture. At a young age Natalia started learning vocal techniques and music through private lessons and her very musical community. In 2011 she graduated from the National Institute of Art and Culture in Lviv, Ukraine. Natalia then immigrated to Toronto, where she continued practicing art and folk singing and began exploring other musical styles, particularly Balkan and Klezmer.

Her sound has multiple expressions. She alternates between Ukrainian“Bilyj Holos”(white voice) – a folk style - and Ukrainian pop singing, as well as the folk techniques of Balkan and Roma music.

Showcase of private collection of Ustia Stenachuk of antique Ukrainian traditional clothing at Montreal Ukrainian Festival 2019, with a capella vocal song accompaniment.

Murmurosi (Мурмуроси) The duet is comprised of Natalia Telentso and Eli Camilo, who are inspired by the Ukrainian folk polyphonic singing tradition. They perform a capella authentic songs and a combination of original compositions and experimental re-arrangements of traditional folk songs.
Photo credit Martin Simon Greizis.

Live performance of Caje Sukarije (Čaje šukarije) the legendary song written by the Queen of Romales music Esma Redžepova with Montréal's own Domaći Trubači who plays Serbian and Macedonian brass band music, bringing a taste of Guča to Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, and beyond!

KING LEONIDAS by Iasonas is a Balkan hip-hop album: a fusion of orchestral arrangements, traditional Greek and Serbian music, and hip-hop storytelling. A collection of nine original compositions crafted to inspire inner strength and to awaken the human spirit. CD release show at Casa Del Popolo, Montreal.


Anemos (The King of the Winds) (INSTRUMENTAL):

Performance with Murmurosi (Мурмуроси) duet as an opening act for the one and only Burdon Folk Band (Бурдон) from Lviv, Ukraine at Quai des Brumes, Montreal

The weekend with friends, artists and musicians at Capital Ukrainian Festival, Ottawa.
Big pleasure to be a guest singer with Blisk!

Inspired by eastern European folk music and orthodox chants I had a big pleasure singing solos, working with amazing musicians and no less than the epic choir Le Choeur du Brouhaha led by spectacular Sébastien Lachaume. Congratulations to the composer Iason Milan Ghikadis!
Et merci à Ronald Forget pour les photos!

Baca Taca Compositeur: Iason Milan Ghidakis Interprété par: Le Choeur du Brouhaha https://www.facebook.com/ChoeurDuBrouhaha Directeur artistique: Sébastien Lachaume SOLISTES: Iason Milan Ghikadis (baryton), Natalia Telentso (soprano), Jean-Daniel Daigle, Sabrina Gaquière, Josephine Henman, Antoine Marquet ACCORDÉON: Iason Milan Ghikadis KAVAL: François Landry, Ariane Morin PERCUSSIONS: Nathaniel Huard TUBA: Eli Richard Réalisation audiovisuelle: Les productions Héliosphère https://helio-sphere.wixsite.com/productions https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqDMQbPA-J-JGnokIa-6U1w Caméra et prise de son: Spheracollective https://www.facebook.com/Spheracollective/ Lieu: Église St-Édouard, Montréal, Québec (Canada)

Murmurosi (Мурмуроси) performing at Cardboard Studios. The duet is comprised of Natalia Telentso and Eli Camilo, who are inspired by the Ukrainian folk singing tradition. They perform a combination of original compositions and experimental re-arrangements of traditional folk songs in Ukrainian, French and English, as well as a capella authentic songs.

Murmurosi (Мурмуроси) at Cardboard Studios, May 24th 2018, Montreal. Performing original composition in Ukrainian. Lyrics and music by Natalia Telentso and Eli Camilo. Povitria Para (Повітря пара) - this song is about the steam that you breath in winter time between you and the person in front because your hearts are warm.

Singing Ukrainian spring songs (Vesnianky) with acting out some ritual dances as series of pop up performances with Kosa Kolektiv singers, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, On.

Singing and acting with Counting Sheep: An Immersive Guerrilla Folk Opera at Stanford University Bing Concert Hall and Oakland Metro Operahouse, California. 

Singing and acting with Counting Sheep: An Immersive Guerrilla Folk Opera at Three Legged Dog Theater. New York City, USA
Counting Sheep is a groundbreaking and award-winning immersive, guerrilla folk opera about the 2014 Maidan revolution that toppled the government.
"Alternates celebration with danger, and then turns mournful, with exquisite polyphonic choral music." - The New York Times

In November, 2017, I was asked to sing with the Lemon Bucket Orkestra for the release of their album, "If I Had the Strength" in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall, and in Montreal at Théâtre Fairmont.

In the studio singing on a new composition by Iason Ghikadis. Montreal, QC

Singing duo, Rano Rano, with Olenka Kleban, in collaboration with Yura Rafaliuk, tsimbaly player, created an original composition inspired by folk songs. Performance during Moskitto Bar concert at Small World Music Center. Toronto, On.

Moskitto Bar had the huge pleasure of having Rano Rano perform a song during their show in Toronto.

Kosa Kolectiv performance of authentic Ukrainian carols at the Distillery Historic District Toronto Christmas Market. Toronto, On

Spring Songs singing workshops for kids. Toronto, On

Rano Rano project singing with Mark and Marichka Marczyk at Buskerfest, Toronto, On

Kosa Kolectiv event at Belwoods Park singing bilyj holos technique (white voice, also known as village voice) women's spring songs. Toronto, On

"Kosa Kolektiv is composed of several women in and around Toronto that aim to revitalize peasant folklore in an urban context. The word kosa means braid in Ukrainian... we like the imagery of cultural fusion, the braiding of old and new."
To me, the Kosa Kolektiv is a wreath of artists who appreciate the mystical heritage of Ukrainian folk culture. For the past few years, it has been my honour to be an element of this wreath, to share and amplify our skills and creativity, and make it available to people of other cultures.

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